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Sean Reynolds' Resume

I have been pretty busy working over seas and here in Saint Louis! I even worked in India for six months! I am here in chesterfield doing consulting on high level business applications. I've been working here in Saint Louis since 2006.

When I was in London, I was the only software engineer for an entire company. It was a small company, only around 50 employees, but we had offices in 3 countries. I wrote some software that streamlined the business model and tied off loose ends for our production line. It enabled our company to handle higher workloads with fewer people.

I also got to work a good deal with low level hardware. Everything from embedded assembly, to integrating a data acquisition board in with some custom hardware that I made to test ABS pumps for our company. That test rig saved our company hundreds of thousands of dollars in warranty work.

Here in Saint Louis I have a masters degree from Washington University. I was really excited to be taking classes. I was working on integrating sensors like accelerometers, gps and gyros into an RC helicopter's flight control. It's really exciting to be home.

Now that I've graduated everyone keeps asking me what I will be doing with my time. I've decided that even through I'm done taking classes, I never have to be done doing projects. I've decided that I might try to do one small project a year at the leading edge of Computer Science. I might try to integrate them into my company, or just keep them here on my website.

Either way, I've learned that the most important aspect of a masters project is Building on what has come before. I look forward to building on the shoulders of giants to reach for the stars.